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"The finest rice is from Pakistan whatever the brand name."

Pakistan is the producer of the world's finest long grained aromatic rice. Known as Basmati, this rice can be obtained in double jute/Cotton and plastic bags in different weights & consumer packs of 1 kg.


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Welcome to Sanabel Pakistan

SANABEL TRADING is one of the leading Basmati Rice exporters of Pakistan, has grown into an organization which is recognized for its remarkable performance and supply of high quality rice to the customers. What sets us apart from other manufacturers is our emphasis on building strong relationship with our customers and targeting our efforts around the customer need.

SANABEL TRADING brings you Basmati Rice from the lush green and water filled fields of (Punjab) Pakistan, which are best suited to grow pure and genuine Basmati Rice because the company believes in bringing premium quality rice for its customers. Our aromatic rice includes Super White Basmati Rice and Parboiled Super Basmati Rice. We are serving international customers and exporting premium quality white Basmati and Parboiled rice to European and Middle East countries.

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